Kevin Coles



Kevin Coles has worked as a sales professional for over a decade.  He joined Kamloops Hyundai in 2016.  Since then, he has be recognized as the Salesman of the Month 14 times.  Known for his personable nature and dedication to his customers.  Kevin is a sales representative you can rely on.


Here are a few of Kevin Coles Customers


Brian and Karen Krushnel November 10th 2017 took delivery of a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring.

Todd Paquin Jan 28th

Tianna Nelson July 17th

Susan Ologolvy Jul 21 2017

Shayla Van Der Putten Mar 25th 2017

Shaun Herr Jan 25th 2017

Rene Pellerin Jan 28 2017

Paul Robertson Jan 25th

Monique Walsh Nov 25th

Ken McDonald Nov 22 

Kelly and Kevin Price Mar 18th  2017

Jackie and Arno Haynes 

Jackie Chicone April 2017


Jackie and Angus Curran


Helen Rogers April 2017

Cole Reid November 2016



Cahntelle and Bob Gillespi



Bruce and Darlene Lohne 


Anurar Mishra Dec 2016